The FARCURA partners met online on the 14 and 15 January 2021 to discuss the finalization of the training course aimed at equipping farmers, social/health/educational workers, associations and public authorities with the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to develop and improve social farming.

This course was developed on the basis of surveys partners conducted on the main issues and challenges of social farming, as well as on the evaluation of existing materials and through interviews with practitioners and experts. This process enabled the project consortium to identify areas where further training is needed. By creating appropriate training and blended learning resources, the project enables more farmers to develop expertise on ways to work with the needs and capacities of participants; and to learn how to communicate effectively, especially with participants who are non-verbal.

The course consists of 6 modules separated in 3 topic areas:
Topic 1: Models of Social Farming
Module 1 – Introduction to social farming
Module 2 – Presentation of the models based on case studies
Topic 2: Success factors of social farming
Module 3 – Success factors based on case studies
Module 4 – Communication and conflict management
Topic 3: Business planning and management for successful social farming
Module 5 – Corporate Planning / Business Plan
Module 6 – Business Management

The course is available on our website in five languages (English, German, Portuguese, Slovenian, French), and is free of charge.